As a healthcare professional, using the MedStar Medical Alert System and monitoring service enables you to provide additional value to your patients or customers.

MedStar's Amber Monitoring System Helps Professionals with:

  • Local emergency response service and support
  • Local Customer Support Technicians installation and maintenance of all MedStar systems
  • Professional handling of all customer inquiries, providing doctors and medical professionals with unparalleled personal service
  • Maintenance of complete medical history of all patients as well as tracking and sending incident reports
  • Your patients staying in their home – using your services – longer
  • Keeping you and your company involved in the process
  • Dedicated speed dialing to your phone to keep you in the loop

Simple Steps to Improved Medication COMPLIANCE for Healthcare Professionals

    Communicate effectively in words that the patient will understand. Avoid using medical jargon.
    Open-ended questions are more helpful in determining the actual level of compliance.
    Make time for the patient’s questions. Patients are less inclined to open up if they feel that you are rushing.
    Provide each patient with an up-to-date medication list.
    Listen for clues to non-compliance. For example, a patient reports an unpleasant after-taste or experiences nausea with a specific medication.
    Inform the patient of the risks of non-compliance.
    Assess if the patient is being prescribed the medication formulation that has been designed to enhance compliance.
    Never assume that compliance is good. Wait until you get to know the patient.  Initially, patients like to tell us what we want to hear.
    Counsel the patient on all available aids to compliance. For example, calendars, programmable timers, or medication compliance systems
    Evaluate the effectiveness of each counseling session by asking the patient to summarize. Evaluate the ongoing need for each medication on a regular basis. Evaluate ALL medications your patients are taking. Have them bring all prescription and over-the-counter drugs they use to the appointment.
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