MedStar Provides Peace of Mind Knowing You're Never Alone

In-home care services are becoming more and more essential and critical. Every year, 30% of senior citizens suffer injuries in the home ranging from a simple fall to a potentially fatal emergency such as a stroke or a heart attack. These events can be life-threatening if emergency response is delayed. Prompt medical help can be critical to your safety. Also at issue is medication compliance and fall monitoring – among others – to maintain health, safety and welfare. 

MedStar is not simply a medical alarm company.

We recognize the evolving challenges seniors and their families face and emphasize the proactive solution. MedStar supports the aging-in-place lifestyle preferred by 90% of AARP members surveyed in a 2005 study. Most do not want to experience more expensive, traumatic option of moving to any type of assisted living facility when it can be avoided.

Installing an emergency medical alert system in your home ensures that you receive prompt personal emergency response and access to emergency medical care as needed.

MedStar’s monitoring service provides customer support for you 24/7/365. Through our medical alert systems, your safety is assured at all times. With just the press of a button, MedStar’s Customer Care Specialists respond immediately to assist you.  

Available Services Include:

  • Daily wake up calls
  • Automatic fall detection
  • Intruder alert
  • Regular wellness checks
  • Health test reminders
  • Medication reminders
  • Personal medical history tracking
  • Smoke detection
  • Carbon Monoxide detection
  • Inactivity/Activity monitoring
  • Flood detection
  • Speed dialing
  • Hands-free speaker phone communication


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